10 Great European Spots to Surf, or Watch Surfers on a Float



When it comes to Europe, the first things that come to mind are probably the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Berlin Wall, and The Swiss Alps. It is a continent rich in food, history, and culture; making it the ideal place for vacations of all sorts! However, what many may not know is that there are numerous wonderful spots for sporty travelers to surf at while immersing in everything else that Europe has to offer. Why wait till Hawaii to catch a wave? You can do it on your upcoming European vacation! With that, here are our top 10 spots in Europe for surfers! If you don’t fancy surfing, we have cute float options for you instead!

1. Nazare, Portugal

Hit the waves at The Nazare Canyon where the world’s biggest waves await seasoned surfers. Here, you can challenge yourself and take surfing to the next level by riding the waves with many of the world’s top surfers. After a tiring day at the canyon, spend the rest of your time exploring many of Portugal’s quaint villages which are colorful and full of history and culture. You can even lounge or take a stroll at the beach while watching other surfers enjoy their time. For lounging purposes, a Giant Hibiscus Pool Float Lounger will ensure ultimate relaxation.

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2. Biarritz, France

Take your seaside vacation to the next level by bringing along your surfboard when you visit Biarritz. It is a quintessential beach resort that has everything a surfer needs; a beauteous beach with sandy beaches and amazing waves. Besides that, Biarritz is only a stone’s throw away from Anglet which has alluring waves as well if you are looking to surf in more than one place in France. Plus, you will definitely enjoy the ageless beauty of this small town on days where you just want to relax.

3. San Sebastian, Spain

If you have been to Australia to surf and are looking for somewhere similar in Europe, look no further. In San Sebastian, you will be surrounded by surfers with a passion as strong as yours at the well-known Zurriola Beach. What’s more, San Sebastian is perfect for more than just surfing; this town offers amazing Basque gastronomy and shopping as well. It has something for everyone, especially if you are sporty and adventurous as you can go trekking at this marvelous destination. Anyone up for flamenco? No.. well, you can chill on a Feathery Rose Gold Flamingo Ring Float instead of dancing then!

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4. Peniche, Portugal

The newest island to be added to the list of surfers’ must-go, Peniche has the biggest waves and the beach of Supertubos has unique tubular waves, which are waves that form a tube around the surfer, making it the ultimate treat! This island makes for a perfect stop if you are visiting Portugal; enjoy surfing and suntanning before touring the rest of Portugal which is brimming with tradition and scrumptious cuisines to satisfy your palate.

10 Great European Spots to Surf, or Watch Surfers on a Float 3

5. Hossegor, France

You don’t always have to travel with surfers in order to ride a wave or two! At Hossegor, you can travel with your family and friends who will love the gorgeous sandy beaches and lush forests while you surf. Enjoy the best of both worlds when you come here to spend quality time with your loved ones while reveling in what you love to do most! What’s more, this quaint town is close to Biarritz airport and makes for the ideal, relaxing holiday whenever you are looking for a break from the city. The French love nothing more than a relaxing holiday, so do like them with a chic Giant Blue and White Striped Float Lounger!

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6. Anglet, France

With more than 10 surf sports, Anglet is widely known around the world to be surfers’ dream destination. A bonus is that there are waves throughout the year so you need not worry about finding the right time to visit amidst your busy schedule. All you’ll need is a sturdy surfboard, reliable gear and boundless energy to hit all these spots. This place is the surfer’s paradise of France and arguably, the whole of Europe!

7. Tenby, United Kingdom

Tenby has an amazing array of beaches that will suit any kind of vacation you are planning. From “Freshwater West” and “West Dale” to “Marloes”, these beaches offer different types of waves suitable for surfers of whatever experience and wants. Plus, the beaches in this city was used as the backdrop for the film, “Robin Hood”, making this city ever more alluring and interesting! If you have kids, this Blue Starfish Puddle Jumper will keep them out of watery mischief!

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8. Bundoran, Ireland

Make a splash in Bundoran’s pool and waterslides where you will be sure to have loads of fun. Surfers will relish in the magnificent waves that this small town has to offer while unwinding from the stresses of life at the beaches. Furthermore, the island has a population of 2000 people who are incredibly friendly and welcoming; making your holiday even more heartwarming and fun!

9. Ploumanac’h — Perros Guirec, France

Nothing beats watching professional surfers showcase their skills while lazing at the beach during International Surfing Day which is usually held here. You can even reward your sweet tooth with Perros-Guirec’s well-known dessert: buckwheat pancakes with a bottle of cider while loosening up after a tiring day of surfing. The prime time to come to this destination is between late September and late May if you are looking for good weather and fantastic waves! The best way to watch the pro surfing? On a Giant Glitter Daisy Float Lounger, of course! Furthermore, the island has a population of 2000 people who are incredibly friendly and welcoming; making your holiday even more heartwarming and fun!

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10. Englischer Garten — Munich, Germany

Think you have seen it all and can’t find a beach with waves that will excite you anymore? Well, then you clearly have not experienced surfing on the river Eisbach! This stormy river is turbulent and will definitely pose a challenge to anyone who attempts to conquer it head-on. Despite so, it is one of the most popular surfing spots in the world that will surely give you an adrenaline rush that you’ll never forget! What’s more, you don’t have to stress about finding the best time to visit as the wave is there all year round; giving you the flexibility to plan your next surfing trip to Europe!

10 Great European Spots to Surf, or Watch Surfers on a Float 7


Europe is more than just history, architecture and culture. Taking a trip there can satisfy your adventurous side while giving you the chance to immerse in the wide variety of food, beaches, and towns. You’ll never be bored and will instead find yourself wanting to come back again; Especially with this 10 new surfing spots to add to your list, remember to bring along your surfboard and sunscreen the next time you vacation in Europe!

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