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The Most Beautiful Natural Pools in Central and South America to Float the Day Away

Packing your swimsuit on vacation is a norm nowadays, but most of the time, travelers only think of the swimming pools in resorts, or perhaps …

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Float to Olympus with these Greek Island Hotels

The Greek Islands are known to be a destination that everyone definitely has to visit within their lifetime. Besides the fascinating heritage and architecture that …

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These Ultra-Romantic Ideas will Float You Away to Heaven

Love is in the air long before February, as couples start to plan where they should spend this iconic day much more in advance. But …

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Float to your next Adventure-Packed Family Vacation

Skip the mainstream touristy destinations that every other family has gone to for their summer vacation. If your family is game for a thrilling adventure, …

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Float to Heaven with the Most Romantic Escapes in South America

Whether you’ve been with your partner for a month, a year, or a decade, there’s always a reason to celebrate love! If you’re having trouble …

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The Ten Most Beautiful Snorkel Sites in the World

Beach holidays are lovely. You get to spend the day lounging under the sun, have some mojitos and fries, suntan, and head back to the …

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How to pack for a pool party

Summer is just around the corner which means the pool party count goes up. Whether you are heading for a pool party event or a …

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The Parents’ Guide to a Splashing Good Pool Party

If you’re in need of a unique idea for your child’s birthday, why not have a pool party? Given the perpetually hot climate during summer, …

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A Guide to Throwing the Sickest Beach Party

Everyone’s idea of an amazing beach party is on an island in Ibiza with cocktails, house music, massive pool floats and attractive people in swimsuits …

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Three ways to get your pool fix during the winter!

Winter is the time for comfort, good food, and warmth. During this time, people would huddle indoors around the fireplace for a chat over a …

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