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Float Through History with these 5 Places in Athens

Introduction The most powerful city in its glory days, the city was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom and courage. According to Greek mythology, …

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10 Great European Spots to Surf, or Watch Surfers on a Float

Introduction When it comes to Europe, the first things that come to mind are probably the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Berlin Wall, and The Swiss …

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18 European Lakes to Float Away On Your Vacation

Introduction Who says that vacations need to always be exciting and jam-packed with touristy activities? Sometimes, all we need is a relaxing day to unwind, …

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10 Unique Beaches to Float the Summer Away

Introduction When summertime rolls around, there is nothing we’d rather do than set up a picnic mat and lounge under a big umbrella at the …

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5 European Islands to Party by Night and Float by Day

Introduction Home to some of the best nightclubs in the world, Europe attracts loads of party people who come to catch their favorite DJ in …

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Mexico’s Best Beach Bars to Lounge at with a Float

Introduction When most people think of a quick beach getaway, they usually think of a day out on the sand, splashing in the ocean, and …

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The Most Beautiful Beaches to Float the Day Away in Brazil

Introduction As the biggest country in the whole of South America, Brazil lays claim to a diverse terrain that travelers flock to visit all year …

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The Most Beautiful Natural Pools in Central and South America to Float the Day Away

Introduction Packing your swimsuit on vacation is a norm nowadays, but most of the time, travelers only think of the swimming pools in resorts, or …

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Float to Olympus with these Greek Island Hotels

Introduction The Greek Islands are known to be a destination that everyone definitely has to visit within their lifetime. Besides the fascinating heritage and architecture …

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These Ultra-Romantic Ideas will Float You Away to Heaven

Introduction Love is in the air long before February, as couples start to plan where they should spend this iconic day much more in advance. …

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