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Nothing says chic, tropical getaway more than huge pink flamingo floats! Our flamingo floats come in a variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and finishes to perfectly match your aesthetic. You’ll be island royalty atop one of these regal birds!

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6 Best Airbnbs for Your Next Tropical Getaway with Beautiful Flamingo Floats to Match!

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We can all agree that this winter season has been thoroughly depressing. As the temperatures gradually get warmer, all we can think of is jetting off to the beach and spending every waking moment under the heat of the glorious sun. I’m sure you’ve already made a list of places to go this summer, you probably already have a Pinterest board and numerous saved Instagram posts of Bali and Croatia. Since you’re pretty much set on a beach vacation, the next thing to do is to book accommodation. Now, it’s no secret that in summer hotel prices soar higher than the Empire State Building, as vacationers from all continents flock to coastal Europe, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Nightly rates can go up by a pain-inducing 40% during the peak months of late June to July. The problem is, we all want a lovely place to stay. There’s no fun in stinging out and getting a one-star room in a dodgy lane of inland Marseilles, or a hostel full of rowdy drunks in Phuket.

Enter Airbnb, the market-disrupting consumer-to-consumer accommodation booking site that is all the rage now. As someone who has traveled to some of the world’s most expensive places (can you believe €140 per night in Paris is a cheap hotel? Ridiculous!), Airbnb has been my saving grace. I use Airbnb for every vacation because it’s just so worth the money. What’s more, your experience can be even better than a hotel because of the owners who take pride in giving their guests a comfortable stay. Recently, beach villas have become widely available on the platform, with highly affordable rates and amenities that even hotels can’t promise! Here are 6 of the best Airbnb rentals you can get at some of the most popular tropical destinations! P.S. They all come with private pools, so bring along some flamingo floats for that perfect Instagram photo!

Modern Luxury Villa in Bohol, The Philippines

Set on a cliff overlooking Bohol Beach and its stunning blue waters is this beautiful, luxury villa for a highly affordable price. The house is an open-concept, sleek modern villa with white walls and tasteful contemporary decor. There is a stunning infinity-edge lap pool that opens out to the horizon, on which you can see the neighboring Cebu islands. The house is owned by a lovely couple named David and Fiona who live on the property, and are more than willing to help make your stay as comfortable as possible. There is also a terrace that you can chill on as you watch the pink and orange sunset.
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Overwater Villas in Panama

For those who have always dreamed of going to the Maldives, but 1) are too broke to afford an overwater villa experience and 2) too broke to fly to the Maldives that is right smack in the Indian Ocean, you’re in luck. This stunning villa on Colon Island in Panama is a much cheaper, nearer and similar option! This gorgeous villa on stilts is built over the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, so you can see fish jumping out of the water at any time of the day. There are hammocks on the open terrace for you to lounge, the interiors are tastefully decorated with dark wood and blue tones, and it comes with a kitchen and coffee maker! You can rent kayaks and snorkels from nearby and paddle through the shallow waters.
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Giant Rose Gold Flamingo Float

If you’d rather not do a physical activity but still want to be in the water, bring along this Giant Rose Gold Flamingo Float to sit pretty. You can paddle around, albeit slower than a kayak, to explore the waters around your villa.
Flamingo Floats 23

Giant Rose Gold Flamingo Float

If you’d rather not do a physical activity but still want to be in the water, bring along this Giant Rose Gold Flamingo Float to sit pretty. You can paddle around, albeit slower than a kayak, to explore the waters around your villa.

Luxury Retreat in Tulum

This stunning, modern tropical villa in Tulum, Mexico is everything you could dream of. Palm trees surround the building and droop over the stunning blue private pool. There is a sheltered terrace for you to lounge at, sunbeds at the poolside, a fully furnished kitchen and a lavishly decorated dining table if you want to cook some meals. The four rooms all come with king-sized four-poster beds and ensuite bathrooms perfect for eight people. The pristine white sands of Tulum Beach are just a few footsteps away. If you and your friends are up for some partying, the most happening clubs and bars are just a cycle or short taxi ride away.

Millennial Pink Villa in Santorini

Did someone say pink and Santorini in the same sentence? If you want the ultimate summer vacation, choose this beautiful pink-colored cave that is actually a luxury villa! As if it couldn’t get any more basic (read: goals), it was featured in the ultimate summer chick flick, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when Lena and Kostos fall in love… how romantic is that? Out of the white and blue buildings that Santorini is iconic for, this pink dream stands out. You and your four best friends can share between three dreamy bedrooms and a view of the amazing Caldera right in front! There’s a hot tub, fully-furnished white kitchen, living room and private terrace with a pool.
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Hillside Villa in Cabo San Lucas

Luxury has never been so accessible. Located in the hills of a gated private community, Pedregal (wow, exclusive!), is a stunning six-bedroom property that will make you feel like a member of Love & Hip Hop. It has a huge private pool, jacuzzi, sundeck, barbeque pit and 24-hour security that patrols the neighborhood. Talk about luxe! There are even a daily cleaning service and two wonderful staff who are always available to help. It feels more like a mini resort than an Airbnb!
Convinced? I think you are. Why splash unnecessary amounts of money on a hotel when you can get a fully furnished home for up to half the price? Have a splashing good time, and don’t forget your floats!
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