How To Plan the Chillest Beach Holiday

Sure, some people go to the beach to do exciting things like jet skiing, surfing or kitesurfing. But most of us just want to have a chill holiday where we relax on the sand, watch the waves and do pretty much nothing. There’s more you can do on a relaxing beach day than just sunbathe, though. Check out some of the other things you can fit into your itinerary for a chill beach vacation — we promise they aren’t tiring!

Relaxing things to do

1. Set up a picnic

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Start your beach day right with a relaxing picnic by the sea. Pre-pack all your food in advance at home so all you need to do is open the containers and set up disposable plates. You should definitely seize the opportunity to bring a bottle of wine — just remember to pack it in a cooler bag so that it stays chilled.

2. Walk by the sea

Before you let the food coma hit you and take a nice warm nap on a cozy beach towel, go for a walk by the sea. Barefoot walks are the best on sandy beaches — the feeling of the soft sand between your toes and the cool waves lapping over your feet is an incredibly therapeutic experience. If you brought children or a pet dog to the beach with you, do take them along for the walk. They will definitely have fun chasing the waves and kicking sand everywhere!

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3. Swim in the sea

If you are up for a little adventure, go for a dip in the ocean but don’t stray too far because the waves get stronger further away from the coast. A short swim is very refreshing and will cool you down from the hot sun, so do pack a swimsuit with you!

4. Chill with an inflatable float or floating mat

If swimming is too much effort, get yourself a large inflatable float to lie down and relax on.

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There are few things in life more enjoyable than relaxing on a float as the waves bob you gently up and down. Just be careful to set your float up on a calm, shallow part of the coast so that the waves don’t drag you too far away. If you can’t get hold of a float, a floating party mat works too.

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5. Take a nap under some shady trees

After cooling off in the sea and drying yourself down, go for a relaxing nap under the shade of a patch of palm trees. Set up a hammock between two palm trees for the most comforting and relaxing beach nap. Or if you can’t find a suitable hammock spot, simply lay out a large beach towel and lie on the sand. Be sure to lather yourself up in sunscreen before dozing off so you don’t wake up all sunburnt and red!

6. Build sandcastles

What better way to wake yourself up from a relaxing nap than to build sandcastles on the beach? Sandcastle building is a lazy and relaxing activity that still requires you to exercise your creative juices so it’s time to let your imagination soar. Other than sandcastles, you can try building different sand sculptures. Try making some sea creatures out of the sand — it’s both easy and fun. Sculptures like mermaid tails, octopuses and sea turtles are easy enough that even kids can try them out.

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7. Fishing

Fishing is an awesome way to spend a lazy afternoon just sitting by the shore and watching the waves. Even if you don’t catch anything, your day will still have been well spent from just the relaxing wait.

8. Play with a beach ball

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Beach balls are the large, inflated balls that are way softer, lighter and bouncier than regular balls. This means you don’t have to throw as hard or run as far to catch them, so bring along an inflatable beach ball for some chill ball games in the evening when the sun is setting. You don’t even need to bring a volleyball net to set up a proper game. Simply improvise a simple game such as trying to keep the ball up in the air for as long as possible.

9. Blow bubbles

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Everyone loves bubbles — they are fun to blow, fun to chase and they make any place look lovely. Here on the beach, you will not have to worry about the soap residue left behind when the bubble pops on the surface unlike if you blow them indoors. Get the largest bottle of bubble solution and go crazy with it!

10. End the day with a beach barbecue

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Barbecues are a great way to bond with others because everyone will be helping out with setting up the fire, preparing the food and cooking it. Plus everyone is bound to be hungry at the end of a day at the beach, so ending the day with a barbecue dinner is a great way to close the magical day. Beaches are great places to have barbecues because the wind will carry the smoke away so the smoke doesn’t linger for ages. Some tips for a great beach barbecue include bringing extra bottles of water to wash things so that the food doesn’t get contaminated and to pack lots of disposable cutlery. These are some of the food items that cook easily on a grill:

  • Meat kebabs
  • Seafood skewers
  • Pitta bread
  • Corn on the cob
  • Caramelized onions
  • Sausages
  • Marshmallows for dessert

Keeping the children occupied

Sometimes you need to keep the kids busy to get a couple of minutes of breathing time. You may want to do some planning in advance to come up with games to keep the little ones occupied. Scavenger hunts are always a great idea for the beach — come up with a simple, age-appropriate list of things to find like “3 seashells, 5 palm leaves, one old bucket” and things like that.

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Of course, be sure to watch over them when they’re playing on their own. For toddlers, bring an inflatable baby pool. They will definitely enjoy frolicking in the cool water for a long time and you won’t have to worry about the threat of big sea waves.

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We previously mentioned sandcastle building as a relaxing activity. This works well for kids too and will capture their attention for a long time and also allow them to exercise their creativity.

Chill beach holidays are some of the best holidays we can have. You don’t need a lot to have an amazing day at the beach. In fact, less is more. Don’t fret over what to do and just do whatever you feel like at the moment — you are there for a relaxing holiday experience after all!

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