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Inflatable Pool Pumps for a Quintessentially American Cape Cod Vacation

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Extending into the Atlantic Ocean from the southeastern corner of Massachusetts, Cape Cod has cemented its place in history as the place where the pilgrims of the Mayflower first made landfall in 1620. At what would later be known as Plymouth, the pilgrims made their home, paving the way for what we know today as modern America. Being basically the origin story of modern America carries a heavy burden, with its own set of expectations and a reputation to answer for.

The cape, which curves and narrows as you move further away from the mainland, appears to almost be an anomaly. That it still stands even after facing the full might of the Atlantic Ocean is somewhat of a miracle. But survive it has, allowing us to fully appreciate its splendor and beauty. While New York’s Long Island looks similar to Cape Cod — a picturesque backdrop of beaches and clapboard houses — it pales in comparison to the raw aesthetic that Cape Cod, provides.

Cape Cod flourished in John F. Kennedy’s Camelot era and is hence reminiscent of that romanticized period of American history. In the 1950s, Cape Cod proved a prized catch to potential developers, drawing the attention of Kennedy. In 1961, a mere six months after being elected as president, Kennedy signed a bill that led to the formation of the Cape Cod National Seashore, which covered and protected 40 miles along the Cape Cod’s coastline. This covered six beaches which are now under federal protection, allowing each of them to protect themselves from commercialization and maintain their pristine atmosphere, even during the crowded summer months.

Lying south of Cape Cod are the exclusive island retreats of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, which provide a laidback classiness. Both towns are relatively small, with Martha’s Vineyard measuring no wider than 20 miles by nine. However, that already makes it distinctly different from Nantucket, which is half its size. Lying atop a proper bedrock and just four miles from mainland Massachusetts, its three towns and rolling interior landscape give it a more down-to-earth atmosphere than Nantucket.
Don’t forget to bring along an Electric Air Pump to inflate all those pool floats in no time! It will definitely fill up your floats way faster than a regular pump, so you can soak up all that Cape Cod scenery in a jiffy. Now that’s what we call the American Dream.
Don’t forget to bring along an Electric Air Pump to inflate all those pool floats in no time! It will definitely fill up your floats way faster than a regular pump, so you can soak up all that Cape Cod scenery in a jiffy. Now that’s what we call the American Dream.
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Nantucket, on the other hand, carries a slightly more enamoring charm to it, harking back to its National Seashore status. Nantucket derives its name from a native tribe known as the Wampanoag, and means ‘faraway place’ in their tongue. It’s not difficult to see why, as Nantucket sits 30 miles out from the closest shore.

In the early hours of the day and before the sun has properly warmed the chill air of the night, the island shrouds itself in a mist like a dreamscape, covered by the droopy clouds in the sky above. As the sunlight creeps its way across the land and illuminates the wild features that dot the island, it brings a feeling of youth and epiphany.

To say that Nantucket is easy on the eyes is no mere statement of fact. Proud, though slightly worn down, the beach houses stand as lonely boats drifting in the sea in the morning mist. The island’s sole road forms the lifeblood of the island, circling around inner salt-marsh before linking up the settlements of Sesachacha, Quaise, and Shawkemo. It then winds down to the western village of Siasconset, through to the main town of Nantucket in the center, before halting at Madaket beach.

Bicycle paths abound here, winding out from the town like arteries from a heart, leading to the southside beaches of Surfside and Cisco. Standing in solitude on the north end of Nantucket is Wauwinet. Go further north and the land tapers off into the Great Point Lighthouse.

By the mid 19th century, Nantucket had established itself as the foremost port for whalers in the region. Whalers would leave from the island and head into the Pacific, returning after their expeditions with barrels full of sperm oil. In 1873, the establishment of the New Bedford Railroad allowed much faster and efficient access to consumers. The proliferation of crude oil and electricity was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and over the next century and more Nantucket wound itself down with a lack of interference with the outside world. Being largely ignored actually worked in its favor, helping to preserve many older buildings which are now part of the historic landscape of Nantucket.

The island attracts all sorts of people and the party lasts from the dawn of summer in May to the dusk of the season in September and is especially popular wealthy visitors. The crowded periods have their own pros and cons. On one hand, the crowded atmosphere serves to provide ample space for fun and interaction. On the other hand, the crowd can lead to being packed like sardines in a can, and one must be meticulous to ensure that the worst periods can be avoided.

The best times seem to be in April and early May, or the entire month of September. The air is just right, the atmosphere can seep in and there is nobody to wrestle with.

President Kennedy’s legacy lives on in the form of a museum built in his memory and the various buildings and statues related to him, but his real contribution was in the form of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Beginning in Chatham and ending at Provincetown, the 44,000 acres is host to six towns and magnitudes of ancient burial sites used by the First Nations. Untouched shipwrecks lie at the bottom of the sea, with fragments still being discovered on the shores today.
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Tucked away at the tip of Cape Cod is Provincetown, with its modest little wooden huts. Originally, the town served as a place for fishermen and sailors to stay, until it became more popular with the artistic folk in the mid-1900s. Some of the names you could hear in the streets were Eugene O’Neill, Jack Kerouac, Tennessee Williams, and Jackson Pollock.

No stranger to history as well, Provincetown is overlooked by the Pilgrim Monument. Standing at 252ft7.5in, the gargantuan feature built to commemorate the Mayflower’s arrival is the tallest all granite structure in the United States. It is also well-known for being welcome to the gay community, providing a safe haven for the often shunned but vibrant members of American society.

Provincetown is divided into a West and East end, split down the center by MacMillan Wharf. Most of the tourist-friendly areas are in the west, which is where most of the eateries and shops are. Those looking for the Bohemian aesthetic usually head east, where the art galleries and houses are.

In summer, the East End plays host to a number of exhibitions, which are open to visitors and residents alike. The West End promenade is a little more rowdy, with celebrity impersonators walking about the streets.

As you head away from Provincetown, the National Seashore makes its appearance. Lying north is the lone lighthouse at Long Point. Herring Cove lies due west, with Race Point beach being further down. Tying them all together are the cycling paths, which wind through the beautiful scenery.

Facing the Cape, with the ocean separating them, is Lisbon. This is the area in which Guglielmo Marconi made history by sending the first public and two-way transatlantic wireless message in 1903. The transmission towers he used were demolished in 1920, but Marconi Beach at Wellfleet stands as a testament to his achievement, 14 miles south of Provincetown. ‘

Hyannis Port is where Jack Kennedy first took up the ropes and learned to sail in the Victura, a birthday present from his parents for his 15th birthday. The 25ft-long sloop, made entirely of wood, would go on to make annual trips out from Nantucket Sound.

In 1980, the Victura settled in the John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, and every summer it is brought out to the lawn for all to see and admire. The Victura was born, or rather built, on none other than Cape Cod by Crosby Yacht Yard, and returns home in the winter for safekeeping. It speaks volumes of the soul of Cape Cod: preservation, continuity, and of course, the sea.

If you aren’t looking to travel too far this summer, Cape Cod should definitely be on your radar. The rich cultural history makes it a perfect getaway for all ages — youngsters can learn about American history, and the older generation can reminisce on an age past. With so many beach houses lining the shore, you’ll be spoilt for choice! If lucky, you might get one with a historic past, and a private pool for you to float all day long!
Inflate your pool floats quickly and efficiently with this Handy Black Manual Pool Float Pump! Save your time and energy for the more important stuff – having fun with your swim floaties.
Inflate your pool floats quickly and efficiently with this Handy Black Manual Pool Float Pump! Save your time and energy for the more important stuff – having fun with your swim floaties.
Wherever you go, you’ll definitely want to bring a few floats to lie on while admiring the gorgeous coastline. And when there’s floats, you need a pump! You wouldn’t want to deflate your own fun! Happy holidays!
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