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Going on a camping trip? Or maybe just got an empty backyard? Our inflatable pools are perfect for family fun when there isn’t a pool or sea in sight. Just inflate them up and get splashing! 

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Spice Up These Amazing Campsites for Family Vacations and Bring Your Own Inflatable Pools!

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Choosing to go camping for a family vacation may seem like a thing of the past; especially with technology interrupting the quality time we spend with our family members. Convincing your children to unplug for a few days may seem impossible, but it might just be the thing they need to truly unwind and enjoy their holiday. Camping is no longer just roasting marshmallows by a bonfire and outdoor cooking, there are tons to do in campsites which offer more than just a place of lodging. Not to mention that some campsites are known for being surrounded by wondrous attractions that are just a stone’s throw away from your tent. You can even make it a yearly affair so that the camping equipment you purchase can be used for every family vacation. Better yet, make it a family tradition and set off for different camping sites whenever you get the chance. While they are a myriad of campsites to choose from, we have narrowed down our top three in case this is your first time embarking on such an adventure or you are simply looking for a new place to go camping. Read on to find out more about the three magnificent campsites that are perfect for family vacations of all kinds!

1. Arthur’s Field, Treloan, Cornwall

Also known as Treloan Coastal Holidays, Arthur’s Field is one of the most well-known family campsites in Britain. Regardless of whichever time of the year you drop by, the campsite will be open and teeming with tourists from all over the world. More so, if you come during the summertime, there will be plenty of families around so your kids will surely have a lot of fun making friends. It was originally a farm owned by a farmer named Arthur and it has gained a lot of popularity after it was transformed into a family campsite. Fret not if you have young children who are restless and energetic; there is an array of activities that will definitely engage them throughout your stay.

For instance, the campsite owner Debs will ring a bell every morning to signal to the children that they can follow her to explore the farm and conduct her daily farming duties. These include collecting eggs from the hen pen and feeding animals such as pigs, chickens, and rabbits. It will be like an open petting zoo where your children will have an amazing time playing with animals and learning more about farming. There is possibly nowhere else where you can have fun camping and learning more about the world at the same time! Plus, this is one of the most attractive features of the campsite that keeps families coming every year.
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While your children are being kept busy with farming activities, you can indulge and have fun at the art workshops which are well-liked by campers. You can expect to partake in activities like willow work and charcoal cooking which will definitely give you a glimpse into life living on a farm. It is all you need to enrich yourself with skills and give yourself the ultimate camping experience of a lifetime. If you are curious about how true campers source for food from the forests, you can embark on a foraged feast whereby campers are guided by a wild food expert and go on an expedition to look for food needed for a banquet. Furthermore, remember to keep your Wednesday evenings free as the campsite has a tradition of organizing get-togethers where people will sit around a campfire and sing, share stories and poetry as well as feast on a scrumptious barbeque.

2. Beddgelert Campsite, Beddgelert, Gwynedd

Going on family vacations can be a hassle when you have to consider where to put your dog and ensure that it is well taken care of. You don’t have to worry about this if you head down to Beddgelert Campsite as it is dog-friendly and filled with marvelous natural wonders that are ideal for your dog to run around and have a vacation of its own! Situated at the heart of the forest, you can expect to relish in the peace and tranquility of nature and drop by Beddgelert village if you are looking to escape nature for awhile.

You will never run out of things to do in Beddgelert and you can be assured that your kids will have a blast with day trips to Mount Snowdon and the Welsh Highland Railway which you can board from the campsite itself; you will be taken through gorgeous scenery and you can easily spend an afternoon just admiring nature’s beauty. If you are spending a few days here, there is also Go Ape at Dolgellau and the Sygun copper mine which are both a thrill to explore and have fun at!
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3. Polgreen Camping, St Mawgan, Cornwall

Pick Polgreen Camping if you are after plenty of quality time spent with your family without the distractions of other tourists. This pristine campsite is relatively private and close to the beach that has a surf hire and cafe. You can spend your days lounging at the beach and unwinding by gorgeous lakes. There is even a working farm on the campsite if you want the full camping experience; with fish farming and animal feeding.
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As for your accommodation, you need not worry about scrambling for camping gear as there are bell tents that have cooking equipment for all your needs. There is even a communal tent for when you want to get to know more about the other campers on site. Furthermore, Polgreen Camping is situated close to the National Trust beach at Bedruthan Steps and the aquarium at Newquay; for days when your kids are looking for an adventure that does not revolve around nature.

Change your perception of campsites when you pick one of these places; besides being able to spend a lot of time with your family, you will also have access to an array of adventures and natural wonders that will give you the perfect break away from work and life! Our inflatable pools will be a great addition to an already wonderful holiday. Happy camping, campers!
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