Mexico’s Best Beach Bars to Lounge at with a Float



When most people think of a quick beach getaway, they usually think of a day out on the sand, splashing in the ocean, and finally winding down with a cold beer or two. Of course, for an elevated experience, it’s far more than just popping a cold one. It’s also about ambiance, service, and the nightlife that comes after. There’s no question that the typical destinations like Miami South Beach, Oahu Island or even South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach offers a great experience, but what most people don’t realize is that Mexico is actually not just home to good food or good beaches — it’s also home to many amazing beach bars that you can find with relative ease. Still not persuaded? Here are a few different beach bars in various parts of Mexico that are perfect for your next beachside getaway.

Bars in Mazatlan

Getting to this city in Mexico is a relatively easy drive from Arizona or Texas, so you have full flexibility in choosing when you arrive in this gorgeous city — and all 12 miles of its beautiful beaches. Here, a great beach bar you should check out is El Muchacho Alegre, an authentic place with plenty of character. Well-known even among locals, this beachside bar offers both ice-cold beers and delicious seafood meals, not to mention their signature michelada drink too. A perfect and exotic blend of spice and tomato goodness, it’ll be the perfect companion to your beachside getaway. There is also no shortage of food options, especially sumptuous seafood that Mazatlan is known for. For example, if you love spice, you’ll fall in love with the traditional dish known as aguachile, a spicy shrimp ceviche that goes well with a Pacifico chilled to perfection.

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Another beach bar in the area is ChevyCheria, located at the Punta de Mita W hotel. A quaint spot along the coast, this old-school jewel serves up the freshest seafood along with beer and your favorite cocktails. Just imagine sipping your drinks, being served some of the best ceviches this beachside has to offer, and enjoying the awesome beachside view all at once — doesn’t it sound lovely already?

Certainly, this beach offers more than beach bars. If you want to take it one step further, head out to a few of the tranquil islands that lie beyond. The Isla de Venados, also known as Deer Island, is one of them. All it takes is a 20-minute boat ride from the hotel zone to set foot on this little island with crystal clear waters and lots of interesting wildlife such as dolphins, stingrays and birdlife. You can also try Isla de la Pledra, or Stone Island, where there is a whole array of activities to do as well. The most popular is the quad bike experience, as well as horse riding by the beachside.

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Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking for the perfect beachside afternoon to rest and relax, then you should definitely head down to this illustrious beach resort city. With miles and miles of pristine beaches as far as the eye can see, it’s a glimmering paradise you can get to with a four and a half hour flight from New York or a three-hour flight from Los Angeles.

Here, the Garza Blanca Resort has a lavish beach bar with the best facilities and services you can find. The bar named the Aquazul Beach Bar & Lounge, offers small dishes and satisfying cocktail concoctions that you can enjoy while sitting either on or above the beach in the areas provided. There is also the option to take a dip in the fabulous swimming pool, or of course, the salty seawater if you prefer.

One of the city’s most outstanding beaches is Los Muertos, situated in the Romantic Zone. Full of bustling life, this is where culture, travelers, and locals mix. The lower end of the beach is home to the Blue Chairs resort, the most beloved gay beach in the area. Other beaches here include Mismaloya Beach, where the ruins from the movie “Night of the Iguana” are located, as well as Playa de Sayulita, a place that boasts both surfer-friendly waves and renowned fishing spots.

Not too far off is Zipper’s Bar and Grill, a spot on the Playa Costa Azul beach in San Jose del Cabo. A local favorite especially with the surfers, this cozy spot is perfect for empty stomachs. Serving up food like barbecue ribs, burgers, rib eyes and even beer-battered seafood, this spot guarantees not only a full stomach but an ultra-relaxing time. Moreover, because of the proximity, you’ll be able to watch the Los Cabos Open of Surf competition every year from here, and it doesn’t hurt that they have satellite TV as well to catch the show.

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Only 90 minutes south of Cancun, this area is best known for its 1,000-year-old Mayan ruins, some of which are situated on a cliff over the beach in Playa del Carmen, with a sparkling blue ocean in the background. While Tulum has a reputation for being a zen island, there’s no shortage of parties. Places like beach bar Gitano have been making a rise, and it’s easy to see why they are so popular. At Gitano’s, for instance, there are amazing food and drink options, including an extensive cocktail menu. The lively yet relaxing ambiance here is noteworthy as well, especially in the outdoor seating area where it’s seamlessly integrated into a jungle environment, perfect for you to cool off in the shade after a day in the sun. And to top it all off is the Instagram-worthy lighting and design, making it a more than ideal place to kickstart your nightlife experience in Tulum.

This definitely makes the town bucket-list worthy, but did you know there are other gorgeous sights in the town as well? While you’re there to take pictures of the ruins, you should also take some time to stroll by the stunning beachfront, or head down to the peaceful outpost at Akumal — which is one of the world’s best areas to swim with sea turtles. If you have time, you can also check out the private beach at Xpu Ha, a short car ride away. Although there is a small entrance fee to enter, it’s worth the trip for the crystal clear waters and pristine sands… all without the crowds.

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If you’re looking for something more affordable, there’s no doubt that The Surfin’ Burrito is the place to be. Also located in the same area, this picture-perfect spot is known for its energetic bar and its delicious food. The best part? The prices are all perfect for visitors on a tight budget. Tequila shots are palatably priced at just USD$2, with huge portions of large, tasty burritos.

Now that you know where the best beach bar spots in Mexico are, it is time to get packing and go! In fact, these hotspots are some of the best you can find, not just in Mexico, but in the entire of North America — so they’re definitely worth a shot.

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