The Most Beautiful Beaches to Float the Day Away in Brazil



As the biggest country in the whole of South America, Brazil lays claim to a diverse terrain that travelers flock to visit all year round. From deep jungles to bustling cities, Brazil has it all. What most visitors overlook, however, are the incredible beaches and water-related activities that Brazil has to offer. After all, with a mostly tropical and warm climate, it should be no surprise that Brazil is one of the world’s best places to have some fun in the sun. If you do visit, get ready to be awed by never-ending golden coastlines, a gorgeous sea breeze and pristine sands of the coast. In fact, the sheer size of it all, coupled with the insane number of activities you can do, may make it seem daunting for first-time visitors. However, fret not! Here are a few places listed for you to easily choose from. Whichever you choose — or if you end up picking all of them — you’ll be guaranteed a good time at the beaches of Brazil.

Pria dos Carneiros

Merely an hour away from Recife, this beach offers a secluded haven for you. Unassumingly located off a dirt track, going to this beach feels like a magical affair taking you into a whole new world. The tranquility of this place is apparent at first glance — with no strong waves, winds, or that many tourists. It’s also home to a small lagoon, where the waters are warm and simply perfect for a casual swim. Whether you take a nap under the shade of coconut trees or lie on the sandy coast, this beach is where you’ll find your most relaxed state.

And there’s more: even if you’re not the type to sit still and enjoy the sunrays, there are activities for you to do in this area. For one, you can easily go on a boat tour of the area, exploring the wetlands and the bay close by. There’s also a small church right in the middle of the beach, famously dating back to the 18th century that you can explore and hashtag #adventure on your next social media post. And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, the beach offers watercraft for you to rent and try out for yourself.

Taipus de Fora

Blue, blue, blue — that’s the image you’ll leave with after visiting this beach and its gorgeous, you guessed it, blue waves. At this beach located in Marau, the mineral-rich city boasts clear waters that are a stunning shade of blue and green, attracting travelers from around the globe just about all year round. If you check the tide schedule and arrive at low tide, you’ll be treated to visible natural pools, coral reefs, and many colorful fishes.

The Most Beautiful Beaches to Float the Day Away in Brazil 2

Plunging into the crystalline waters and snorkeling is also a must-do here. With the incredibly clear waters, nearby waterfalls and mangroves, complete with the tropical and humid climate, this beach is truly a coastal paradise unlike any other for you to admire and love.

The Most Beautiful Beaches to Float the Day Away in Brazil 3

Blue Dolphin Puddle Jumper

Match the gorgeous natural surroundings with a Blue Dolphin Puddle Jumper for your adventurous little ones!

Porto de Galinhas

This beloved tourist destination is truly famous across the world for its beautiful bright-water beaches. It is also popular within Brazil, even earning the accolade of “Best Beach in Brazil” in travel magazine Travel and Tourism or as known in Brazil, Viagem e Turismo. An approximately 45-minute drive from the south of Recife, it prides itself on its own natural pools and ecological diversity.

In the past, chickens were used as cover to hide human slaves arriving from ships that docked at the port of this town, giving it the name Porto de Galinhas, or Port of Chickens. With such an interesting and loaded history, it’s no wonder that this former fishing village is so well respected and well loved. Today, you can go snorkeling and swimming in the crystal clear reef pools, though the most exquisite pool, resembling a map of Brazil, is protected and not open for the public. Other than that, you’re free to explore the pools and all the aquatic life (including fishes and seahorses) by arranging your own transportation. Most people go through the jangadas, which refers to small sailboats, for the complete exotic experience.

Apart from the magnificent crystal clear pools, the beach itself at Porto de Galinhas is a beautiful destination. Though it’s the first thing on countless visitors’ minds when they land, the enormity of this beachfront makes it spacious with plenty of room. There’s also no shortage of foods or drinks that are served in the area, with many restaurants dotted along the coast serving up delicious food any time of the day.

The Most Beautiful Beaches to Float the Day Away in Brazil 4

Giant Golden Swan Float

For floating options, go for a more elegant bird, such as this beautiful Giant Golden Swan Float.

Ipanema, Zona Sul

If this name sounds familiar to you, you’re right — this beautiful beach was the inspiration for the song “Girl From Ipanema”. In fact, the cafe where the song was written still exists today! A traveler’s classic, this beach is part of the South Zone in the city of Porto Alegre, only a bus or subway ride from the airport. Not to be out shadowed by its counterpart Copacabana, the views at Ipanema beach are simply spectacular. To the west, you’ll be able to see the iconic Dois Irmaos mountains, also known as “The Two Brothers”. Especially at sunset, the seas are beautiful with strong waves and glittering waters that attract a diverse international crowd who enjoy sunbathing and socializing by the shoreline.

The Most Beautiful Beaches to Float the Day Away in Brazil 5


A world of difference from the busy beach of Ipanema, this coastal beauty is quiet and tropical, with none of that traffic noise — literally. Without many vehicles, this isolated and remote spot is one of the most idyllic shorelines you’ll ever experience, with nothing but the roar of the waves crashing onto the beach, the hum of birdsong and the genuine chatter between family and friends. The golden, sandy part of the beach seems to stretch on forever, encapsulating you in this time and place. If you’re worried about food options, however, rest assured that you’re not actually trapped on a deserted island. There’s plenty of delicious seafood around to enjoy, and mules carrying beverages around the beach will not only be a fun sight to see but will keep you safe and hydrated on your getaway.


Without a doubt, Brazil has much to offer not only in its lush jungles or rich culture but also in the way of beaches. These tropical areas are all paradise for the traveler looking to take a break from the routines of everyday life, or even from the usual, same-old vacation spots. Indeed, if you’re looking for a new beachside adventure, by all means, Brazil is the place for you.

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