The Ultimate Guide to Having the Best Beach Holiday

Planning for holidays can be tough because it is hard to account for unexpected situations that could ruin the holiday, like bad weather or a sudden illness. That’s why it is important to prepare yourself the best you can, both physically and mentally, before you head over to your holiday destination. When it comes to beach holidays, planning and packing are more important than just simple city tours because things can go south really quickly at the beach. Here’s the ultimate guide containing all the things you will need to know when organizing a flawless beach holiday.

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Pick the ideal beach to visit

The first step in planning an amazing beach holiday is deciding where to go and this may just be the hardest part of the whole process. There are so many beautiful beaches in the world but not all of them may suit your needs so it’s necessary to do some research in the following areas.

The type of beach

The beach environment definitely matters because it will determine what kind of holiday mood you will get there. Some beaches are crowded, bustling and full of tourists. There will be lots more touristy activities to do at such beaches — perhaps louder music, events, and push-carts selling things on the shore.

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You can expect an exciting experience at such beaches, but they can be overwhelming if all you want is a quieter beach to just cozy up with a book on a hammock or a less crowded sea to surf in. To prevent disappointment, do your research on the type of beach you’re going to before making your plans concrete. Consider who you’re going on the trip with and if the beach is suitable for them too, especially if you are going to be with kids, elderly people, people with physical disabilities or pets.

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What activities you can partake in there

There is a huge variety of beach activities that you can take part in and not everything can be done at any beach. For example, not all beaches allow you to set up an outdoor barbecue and grill while others provide you with tables, benches and metal grills. Also, not all beaches support water sports like surfing, kayaking or jetskiing while others allow you to rent your equipment right there. Knowing what kind of activities the beach supports can help to reduce the number of things you need to bring there!

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Lifeguard supervision

Going to a beach that is supervised by certified lifeguards can reduce the chances of a drowning accident by five times. Yes, you may be a decent swimmer and you don’t swim too far from the coast, but accidents can happen and it’s always good to have a lifeguard around when they do.

Enjoying yourself there

Now that you’ve decided on the location, the bulk of the planning goes to deciding what to do there and also setting up a contingency plan in case your original plans get disrupted due to the weather or some other circumstances.

Activities to plan

If you’re traveling a long way to the beach for a holiday, you should really try out some rare activities that you won’t get to try in local beaches near your area. For instance, not many beaches have waters clear enough for snorkeling so if you happen to be visiting one that does, don’t waste the opportunity and plan a day (or two!) exploring the underwater paradise. Whatever activities you are planning, make sure to pack clothes and gear that are appropriate for these activities. Things like sports equipment, beach toys, floats and a sandcastle kit are things to consider bringing for a fun beach holiday.


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Contingency plans

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No one wants it to rain when they are at the beach, but we can’t control the weather. We can at least make the best with what we have and plan things to do when we can’t be out there on the sand. You don’t need an elaborate contingency plan — something simple like packing an extra book or some card games can make a boring rainy day pass faster. Don’t forget to also bring some portable speakers so you can chill with some good music under the shelter!

Ensuring comfort

The purpose of going on holiday is to indulge and enjoy, so make sure that your packing list includes things that will make your time on the beach as comfortable as possible. Things like foldable chairs, hammocks and beach towels make cozy seats on the beach, while cooler bags can help to store drinks and keep them refreshingly cold.

Keep belongings dry and clean

You’re going to the beach, so things are bound to get sandy and wet to some extent. To keep your belongings clean, separate them into different Ziploc bags based on whether they will be getting sandy and wet or not. For example, reserve one bag for wet clothes and flip-flops, one for food and one for rubbish to dispose of — while the beach may not be your home, you should always do your part for the environment and not pollute it.

Pack food and drinks

Yes, you should be packing lots of snacks and drinks because the food sold at beaches are usually unhealthy and overpriced. Save your money and your health by packing ready-to-eat finger foods like sandwiches and fruits and also bring lots of water. The beach is a great place to have a picnic so you should totally bring your own food for one!

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Safety tips

The final and most important things to consider when planning and packing for your beach holiday are all the safety hazards. A beach is a comforting place but it can also be dangerous and you will need to protect yourself from sunburn, physical injuries and even incidences like theft.

Protection against the sun

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You simply cannot go out into the sun without applying a generous amount of sunscreen to protect your skin — sunburn is a serious problem and can cause lots of damage. It’s recommended that you apply sunscreen half an hour before going onto the beach. You should also reapply every two hours or after swimming because sunscreen doesn’t stay on forever. Avoid going out into the sun directly at noon because that’s when the sun is at a scorching peak. Also, your eyes need to be protected from the glare so pack a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses for everyone. It’s not just about preventing discomfort, it also prevents your eyes from cornea damage due to intense sunlight.

Protection against injuries and accidents

Physical injuries can happen easily at the beach and cuts from sand abrasions are almost unavoidable. You can minimize the extent of such injuries by dressing appropriately. If you’re going into the sea, cover up as much as you can with a rash guard or proper swimsuit. Also, make sure you bring the right kind of footwear.

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While a comfortable pair of sandals or flip-flops will usually suffice, you definitely need covered footwear if you’re exploring rocky areas. Abrasions are not a big cause for concern but you should still pack a first aid kit so you can get the wound covered up before it gets infected. Heat injuries are a more serious type of injury to worry about so make sure you stay hydrated and go back into the shade the moment you start feeling discomfort. Another type of injury to worry about are insect bites. These may sound trivial but can cause a lot of discomforts and leave scars, so pack an insect repellent and some medicated ointment to relieve the pain from bites. Some bites can trigger severe reactions so be prepared to quickly leave the beach and seek emergency help.

Protection against theft

Being on holiday is when you let your guard down and relax, but stay alert to prevent incidences of theft as these can really complicate your holiday. Avoid bringing valuable things like travel documents, expensive equipment and excessive amounts of cash to crowded areas as it will be harder to safeguard your belongings. Also, keep these in a separate waterproof bag to prevent them from getting damaged or dirtied.

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Holidays are all about fun and enjoyment so don’t let your beach holiday be ruined by a sudden unexpected turn of events or a serious injury. Always plan meticulously, pack well and be alert and careful on the beach. Having fun is the most important thing, but not staying safe can ruin all that fun in an instant.

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