Three ways to get your pool fix during the winter!

Winter is the time for comfort, good food, and warmth. During this time, people would huddle indoors around the fireplace for a chat over a cup of hot chocolate. Being in a swimming pool during the winter is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind. Unless you are fortunate enough to own a heated pool, your swimming pool would likely be closed off during the winter months.

Besides reminiscing on the fun pool days in the previous summer, it may feel like there is not much to do. However, not all hope is lost — here are three ways you can get your pool fix during winter!

Three ways to get your pool fix during the winter! 1
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A summer-themed winter pool party

Invite the kids to lose their coats, put on their best swimwear, and dive headfirst into a summer themed winter pool party. With terms such as “heavy snow” and “wind chill” being commonly mentioned by the weatherman, nothing beats the idea of soaking in a heated indoor pool to warm the soul.

While we regret to inform you that we do not have a hack to get your outdoor pool to 80℉ in the dead of winter, you can always consider renting the indoor pool at the local gym, hotel, or community centers. For those with flexible schedules, you might be able to rent the pool at a reduced rate if you make a booking during the off-peak seasons.

Once you have selected your venue, it is time to send out those invitations. Apart from informing them of the time and place of the event, remind them to bring along their swimming essentials such as swimsuits, goggles, water shoes, and towels (unless your facility supplies them). You might also want to ask them to bring along a hairdryer so that their hair would be dry and they won’t risk catching a cold when they step back into the cold.

Next, bring out those summer decorations, whip up some of your best finger foods and juices, and you are all set — get ready to play some of everyone’s favorite summertime party pool games! For those who are looking to just laze around in a warm pool, consider having a giant float to relax on. Savor the fun summer times during these frosty months!

We cannot stress how important decorations are to this themed party. If your indoor pool is next to windows, any snow outside would create a beautiful backdrop for your party and your guests would also enjoy the beauty of nature without needing to shiver in the cold. We recommend that you include a mix of tropical decorations with some snow themed ornaments to further accentuate this summer-in-winter concept.

Lastly, while this summer themed winter pool party idea is targeted towards children, it can be great for adults too. Just bring out some of your best cocktails and you will be ready to go!

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A Christmas themed pool party

For those who live in slightly warmer areas where it is still too cold to be in the pool but the temperatures are suitable for outdoor activities, a Christmas themed pool party might just be the perfect party for you. Since the space around your swimming pool is used for gatherings during the summer, why not utilize the same space and throw a party during the winter too?

Turn your pool area into a Christmas winter wonderland by decorating it with your favorite holiday decorations. Bring out the Christmas tree, and doll it up with an eclectic selection of ornaments — get those creative juices flowing! Serve up a Christmas feast filled with a wide selection of mouth-watering meats, potatoes, pasta, pies and don’t forget that delicious log cake. Throw in other wintertime favorites such as hot cocoa for the kids, and mulled wine for the adults to make sure everyone is warm and fuzzy on the inside.

For those who live in areas that are chilly, but still want to host this themed party, consider renting a few sets of space heaters to solve this issue. Overall, hosting a Christmas themed pool party would add a twist to your traditional Christmas dinner and also get you your pool fix in the middle of winter — the best of both worlds!

Three ways to get your pool fix during the winter! 3
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Brave the cold and… plunge!

For those looking to really spice up their pool party in the winter, consider having a polar plunge segment for you and your guests. For those who are unfamiliar with polar plunges, it refers to taking a dip into an iced-over waterbody. This activity is widely popular online and if your pool is still open over the winter, you have your very own plunge pool!

Before you start, it is important to have towels at the ready and a good plan to quickly warm your plungers after their dip. This activity is definitely not for the faint-hearted but it is one that will definitely let your party stand out from the rest, and leave your guests talking for a long time.

Apart from having fun, polar plunging has some health benefits too. It is said to be able to increase blood flow in the body and raise energy levels — similar to the effects of a cold shower.

As you might have noticed, unless you have a pool that can be used all year round, the options available for you to get your pool fix are pretty limited and your best bets are with the summer, Christmas, and polar plunging themed pool parties. However, do not let this stop you, feel free to be as creative as possible!

All in all, organizing a party and playing host to your guests will always be hard work. By just adding a few simple touches, it is easy to transform your pool for a themed party in the winter. We also hope that our suggestions can inspire you to think of different themes that you and your family might enjoy while getting your pool fix during the winter. Lastly. for those who are looking to build a swimming pool, winter is a good time to get started as it will be ready by the time summer comes.

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