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Everyone loves unicorns, and that’s a fact! Our large range of unicorn floats will make a real splash at your next pool party or vacation! From glitter unicorns to pegasus unicorns and even a giant floating unicorn island for all your friends, you’ll be whisked away to a fantasy world on these gorgeous creatures!

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Unicorn Float

5 Awesome Variations of the Unicorn Pool Float and 5 Amazing Occasions to Match

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There’s always so much you can do in the water — from swimming to exercising to just chilling. But are you tired of doing the same old activities like soaking and being lazy in the pool or at the beach? Whether it is your first time experiencing the joy of using a pool float, or if you are looking for new trendy floats to spice up your summer, let us help you up the ante on your water activities, with these unicorn float products! There are a thousand reasons for why you should get a unicorn pool float, but here are our top few reasons for why you NEED to have an (and not just any other) inflatable unicorn for your summer break.
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The Lazy One — Get Your Holiday Mood On!

What better way to start your holiday than to grab one of our unicorn pool floats to have a nice relaxing day by the pool! This definitely beats sitting on a boring old pool lounge or beach chair. Using our unicorn float is rather simple — just inflate, sit back, and float your worries away in the pool. It’s definitely important for us to recharge and spend some quiet time amidst our busy schedules. And when the holidays are here, try it out; be under the warm glow of the sun and allow yourself a moment of rest within the hectic week. For you to do this, and in the most glamorous way possible, we have a whole list of unicorn floats for you to choose from, so get ready to cash in on one of our unicorn floaties!
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The Family-Oriented One — Time for Magic with your Loved Ones

However, for some of us with families, true joy is when we are able to spend some quality time with our loved ones. And it’s simple to do so — grab your beach gear, get into the car, and head on down to your nearest beach or that long-awaited holiday house, for some exciting family fun! If you have young kids and would like to get them to join in on the pool magic, bring the mythical legend to reality by getting them a unicorn raft for pool use, or a kid-friendly unicorn tube float. There’s never a shortage of special unicorn friends for your little ones to have a splashing good time with, starting with our unicorn pool toy! Moreover, with our big unicorn floaty, you can have up to three kids atop the magical creature, enjoying hours of comfortable relaxation and creative play.

With your children all thoroughly entertained with our unicorn float, you can also take the time to have a breather by yourself with your own adult version of our unicorn floaty. We certainly did not forget about you, parents! And we have a whole range of products such as the unicorn floating island, just for you as well.
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The Go-Getter — Float Your Worries Away

Are you intending to take some time away to be at the beach with your close friends? Fret not, we have you in mind, especially with the giant unicorn float that can sit your entire party. Take photos, have drinks, chill and laugh while you have the time of your life on our unicorn floaty. Alternatively, spread your wings with our blow up unicorn that would definitely add to your pool aesthetics at any pool gathering. If that is still not enough for you, you can consider getting one of our rainbow unicorn float.

Unlike any other normal floats, it has that little added secret magic with its bright colors and outstanding presence in the pool, specially for you to enjoy during your little break away from the hustle and bustle. So step aside from the ordinary and be unique with this one-of-a-kind rainbow unicorn float that will bring you added attention and hype all over social media!
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The Crazy One — Be the Life of the Party

Our unicorn floatie is suited for all types of occasions, and they are for you if you need that further bit of ‘extra’ for that unforgettable pool party. You can bust out our inflatable unicorn to bring magic and sparkles to your party; we are certain your party guests will be thoroughly impressed with this float. Unicorns are an all-time favorite and if you want to step away from reality, you got to have this! You can even jazz up the whole party and have your guests come in unicorn onesies and bring unicorn memorabilia.

It would definitely be the party to beat with its crazy shower of unicorns and rainbow vomit. But if just having an inflatable unicorn pool float is not enough for you, choose our giant unicorn pool float instead! Just ask any kid who has had a unicorn pool party, and they will be gushing all about our unicorn inflatable that left such a deep imprint in their childhood memories. So it’s time for you to bring out the inner child in you (you don’t really have to dig deep to find it) with our unicorn float that comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.
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The Chill One — Unicorn in the house, anyone?

This goes without saying, but really, no summer holiday is complete without any pool floats; so why not make it more magical and memorable with our unicorn float? You can share the joy of lounging on the mythical creature with friends, family, your significant other, or just anyone in particular. To make even fuller use of this special float, you can even choose to use it as a house decoration. Keep it inflated and have it on display in your living room, and share your love for unicorns in the best way possible.

The unicorn inflatable is sure to grab the attention of your guests, and it even provides itself as a great conversation starter. It would be such an epic memory to start talking about life with your friends by first talking about that special giant unicorn float on display at the corner of your house.
Unicorn pool inflatables has been all the rage these days, so don’t miss out on this new and upcoming series of unicorn water floats. From rainbow unicorn pool floats to unicorn floating islands, find your own unicorn float just for yourself today!
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