Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island

Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 1
Unicorn Float Island – Image 1

All about Inflatable Island

The unicorn float island hasn’t been around for long — it’s inflatable home only opened up its doors to visitors in April 2017 but since then, Asia’s largest inflatable playground (as the website says) has become extremely popular among many. All 4,000 square feet of the colorful floats have been colonized by throngs of tourists who visit to have fun and get their perfect Instagram shots. The photos the visitors have posted are nothing short of beautiful and they are a testament to the fact this floating island is not just for kids, but for it’s for adults too.

Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 2
Unicorn Float Island – Image 2

While the island may seem to merely be a pretty place to take photos at, you can expect to have lots of fun there. After all, the inflatable structures are not just ordinary bouncy castles in water but they serve as obstacle courses as well. The inner child in you will love jumping and climbing over the numerous hurdles, whizzing down the slides and bouncing on the giant trampoline.

Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 3
Unicorn Float Island – Image 3
Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 4
Unicorn Float Island – Image 4

The best component of the obstacle course is the “human launcher” which literally propels you off the playground and into the air. Life jackets are mandatory so there is no need to worry about safety issues if you can’t swim. Another concern you may have is the price of tickets. But fret not, tickets are really affordable at $9.50 for an hour’s access to the playground or $17 for a full day pass. If you’re traveling to Asia, there’s literally no reason to not visit this floating island!

It’s not just about unicorns

While the unicorns are the highlight of the floating island, there are a number of other attractions that are just as instagrammable. A short distance away from the main part of the inflatable island, you will find slides and slopes, a rainbow path, mini jumps and the unicorn’s friends; a climbable sea unicorn and a wavy dinosaur. Here’s a map of all the attractions in on this floating island.

Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 5
Unicorn Float Island – Image 5

Baba is but a small part of the entire huge playground and you have to visit it to know. Behind the aesthetic unicorn island, the entire huge range of inflatables makes up the previously mentioned obstacle course. There are tons of things to try out on the obstacle course, apart from the hot favorite “human launcher” brought up earlier. The “wobbly bridge” will test your balance while the “high balance” will put your ability to conquer heights to test. You can also challenge your acrobatic skills with the “monkey vines” and pit your strength against the rock climbing wall. Tired of all the physical exertion? Let gravity and water take you down one of the slides — there’s a special one just for kids somewhere in the middle of the obstacle course. Other than all these, there are several jumping pillows for you to just go crazy on, and even a sunbathing lounge if you need a short breather from all the action.

It’s beautiful ashore too

Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 6
Unicorn Float Island – Image 6

If the inflatable playground is too crowded to your liking or if you need a breather from all that jumping and photo-taking, you can rest at the beach bar, Bali Lounge, which is a paradise on its own. Umbrellas provide shade over comfortable bean bags that you can lounge on, and the best part is all of these come in different gorgeous shades of purple and pink. The lilac, baby pink, magenta colors stand out against the pale sand and paint a pretty picture of relaxation for anyone who wants to take a break and just sip on a drink.

Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 7
Unicorn Float Island – Image 7

While the floating island closes at six in the evening, you can continue chilling at Bali Lounge for a while longer. The bar is equally gorgeous in the dark as colorful lights are turned on to create a cozy lounge atmosphere.

Beyond Inflatable Island

Can’t get enough of the adorable floats and Baba the unicorn? You’d be happy to know that Inflatable Island just opened their second themed inflatable playground at Cebu in the Philippines. This second island is called Happy Beach and the main attraction here is the Jungle lounge which features candy-colored tropical trees.

Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 8
Unicorn Float Island – Image 8

 There’s also a Floating Zoo with numerous animal floats that you can climb into and relax as you float along the calm sea. You won’t miss Baba the beloved unicorn here — many of the well-loved features of the original Inflatable Island in Subic are here in the new Cebu playground as well. These include the eye-catching beach lounge, the obstacle course with its giant swings and slides as well as Baba’s friends, the wavy dinosaur and the sea unicorn. The adventure doesn’t end at nightfall at Happy Beach Cebu as you can opt to stay in one of their gorgeous pink rooms.

Chill With Unicorns on This Philippines Float Island 9
Unicorn Float Island – Image 9

The beaches that these inflatable islands reside on may not be able to match up to Boracay or the Maldives, but the pastel-colored floats and adorable unicorns are equally worth visiting. If you’re looking for somewhere to go for a beach holiday, look no further. Let this stunning float island bring out the inner child in you again.

Unicorn Float Island – Image 1:

Unicorn Float Island – Image 2:

Unicorn Float Island – Image 3 & 4:

Unicorn Float Island – Image 5:

Unicorn Float Island – Image 6:

Unicorn Float Island – Image 7:

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