The Parents’ Guide to a Splashing Good Pool Party

The Parents’ Guide to a Splashing Good Pool Party 1
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If you’re in need of a unique idea for your child’s birthday, why not have a pool party? Given the perpetually hot climate during summer, it’s a fantastic way to both cool down and have an absolute blast! But… there’s so much to plan and organize when it comes to parties so where do you begin? Here are some tips that will get you started and make your party a total splash!

1. Have an Exciting Theme

Before you jump right into the logistics of the party, take some time to pick a theme. This will set the tone of the party and make the planning process a lot easier as you have a general idea of how you want it to come together. Sit down with your child and find out what sort of a party they would like. Ask them about their favorite characters from movies, books or games such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid and more. You could even get creative and suggest mashups of their favorite fantasy worlds, making the theme super unique. Once you’ve settled on a theme, ask what color scheme they would like, and maybe even come up with some special motifs to use in the invitations and decorations. Just remember to ensure the theme is consistent!

2. Make Your Own Decorations!

It might be tempting to turn the pool into a magnificent tropical paradise with water slides and a whole luau, but you don’t need to spend a lot for a beautiful set-up. There are websites like Pinterest and Tumblr that serve as great sources of inspiration for crafting and decoration ideas. You can also search up DIY videos on YouTube for step-by-step guides to creating your own decorations. While some materials may already be present at home, like tissue paper and cardboard, you should definitely check out the arts-and-crafts stores for items like cellophane paper, glitter paints and even wooden bits. Art Friend is a great place with a wide variety of materials. Always keep the theme in mind as the decorations will set the atmosphere of the party! Using exciting colors and textures will definitely bring the venue to life.  

Do be careful of the sort of materials you use. Since it is a pool party, crepe paper streamers near the pool may not be the best idea as they will get wet and split apart. Don’t hang anything above the pool either because kids will likely be jumping around and may get caught in any banners or strings. Be strategic with the placement of your decoration to avoid them getting ruined. Instead, keep the pretty paper decor for the food table where they won’t get wet. You could also opt for a balloon arch over the pool or get foil balloons in the shape of letters to create a “Happy Birthday” banner.

Decorations can also make the food look even more delicious! Get disposable cutlery in the colors of your planned scheme and if you have the time, you could even take extra effort to paint or draw on the cutlery and cups. Little paper umbrellas popped into the cups will give an extra tropical feel.

The Parents’ Guide to a Splashing Good Pool Party 2
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3. Involve Some Special Characters

While clowns and balloon sculptors are the usual go-to entertainers at children’s parties, a pool party might need more specific characters. Keeping in line with the theme, you could get special talents such as mermaid performers, to complete the underwater fantasy. Another option is to get willing family or friends to dress up as characters based on the theme, and this could be a more budget-friendly choice. Costumes can be easily rented or even made if you have the time! These characters would also make great live props to the photo booth.

4. Spruce It Up With Funky Pool Floats

Is it even a pool party without some huge, colorful pool floats? Floats will add a bold statement to the set-up and kids absolutely love them. Nowadays, pool floats come in a huge variety of shapes, colors and sizes. You can get magical unicorns, cute dolphins, elegant swans and even novelty shapes like pretzels and pizzas. The more fun the shapes, the more the kids will enjoy them. Not only will these add life and excitement to the pool, floats are also good for children who may not be such strong swimmers to hold on to. Keeping the kids safe while having the pool looking pretty and fun, sounds like a good deal!

5. Line Up Some Fun Games

We can’t expect the kids to be swimming the whole time, so here are some ideas both wet and dry to keep them occupied! In the water, simple ball games like water polo will have them splashing about with competitive delight. You could also have them dive for “treasure” in the shallower end of the pool and see who can pick up the most trinkets from the bottom of the pool. Another suggestion would be to have them play non-equipment water games like Sharks and Minnows or chicken fights in the shallower end. On land, pinatas are always a classic hit (pun intended) with kids. Just make sure the pinata is placed far enough from the pool so that no candy falls inside! You could also get a shaved ice machine and put out different food colorings and toppings like chopped fruits and sprinkles so kids can customize their ice bowls. Photobooths are also a staple at birthdays — have a table laid out with sunglasses, hats and other theme-related accessories and props. Get a professional photographer, or just a family member with a good photographic eye to snap the fun shots. For some extra fun, get a Polaroid camera and stock up on lots of films so that your guests can have a sweet little memento from the party.

So there you have it, a guide to throwing an unforgettable pool party for your child’s birthday. Don’t forget to remind the kids of water safety, pool etiquette, and to wear lots of sunblock. Have a ball of a time!

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