How to pack for a pool party

Summer is just around the corner which means the pool party count goes up. Whether you are heading for a pool party event or a house pool party, you want to make sure you have all the things you need to have a splash of a time. The worst is forgetting to bring something and having it ruin your pool party experience. So don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Our pool party packing list has anything from sunscreen to party straws so you will remember to keep yourself protected from the harmful rays of the sun whilst sprucing up the party.

Here are our top 15 pool party essentials:

1. Towel

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Of course, you will need a towel because you don’t want to be dripping from the pool and freezing your butt off. Nothing will feel as good as wrapping yourself in the comforts of your own towel rather than someone else’s. You might also want to bring a thinner towel so you don’t have to struggle with stuffing it down your bag.

2. Sunscreen

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An obvious one but undoubtedly the most important. Be sure to lather on enough sunscreen especially if you know you’re going to be bathing in the sun for a long period of time. After all, what you are after is a nice golden tan and not a red, burnt and flaky skin. Let’s not forget that there are also risks of getting skin cancer so bring your sunscreen along and reapply as many times as you need to.

3. Sunglasses

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Apart from it being a fashion statement, sunglasses are going to be your life saver especially when the jarring sun gets too much for your eyes. You don’t want to be squinting for most of your pool party; it’s not a cute look. Direct contact with UV rays won’t do much good for your eyes either so don’t forget to pack this one in.

4. Floppy hat

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If you think sunglasses aren’t enough to shield you from the scorching sun, then the classic floppy hat will do just the trick. Not to mention, it will add a little fancy touch to your summer look.

5. Hair products

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Ladies, you will want to protect your lustrous locks from the harmful chlorine water so hair products are a must! The most basic item you should have is a comb or a brush to manage the tangled parts of your hair after coming out of the pool.

Alternatively, you can bring hair ties to keep your hair out of the water if you don’t want to deal with the tangled mess later.

If you are more particular about your hair care routine then throw in some products like shampoo, conditioner or even hair oils so you can keep your hair looking fresh.

6. Portable speakers

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It’s always a good idea to bring around a portable speaker because you never know when you might need to blast some music to get the party started. Better still, if you have one that is waterproof then you won’t have to worry about making a splash while you rock out to some tunes. After all, what is any party without some music right?

7. Snacks

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Snacks are great for when you are feeling peckish in the pool and need something you can pop into your mouth easily. You can always go for the classic trail mix, nuts, chips or even gummies. Moreover, bringing your own snacks will be much cheaper and affordable than ordering from the poolside bar.

8. Anything inflatable

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No pool party is complete without inflatables. They are also extremely functional—whether it’s for lying in the pool, having a float fight, or even setting up an inflatable bar so you can quench your thirst while you are in the pool. The best part about all of this is that inflatables are so light and easy to pack in your bag.

9. Swim coverup

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A coverup is nice to have for when you are out of the pool or need to make a quick run to the restroom. We know, sometimes you can get a little self-conscious about parading your body around so having an option to cover up will make you feel a little bit more at ease.

10. Slippers

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Slippers are the only way to go for pool parties because your feet are going to be wet most of the time and you don’t want to have to fuss about footwear when you are in and out of the pool. They are also really light so it’s easy to bring them around and easy to slip into so this one is a no-brainer.

11. Waterproof bandages

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Poolside mishaps such as cuts and scrapes can happen so you would want to have some waterproof bandages ready just in case. As they all say, the party must go on!

12. Party Straws

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Though they are not a must-have, party straws are a fun way to jazz up your poolside drinks and add to the party mood. They are also great for when you want to take some cute pictures with your friends for the gram.

13. Change of clothes

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With pool parties, there is always a risk of getting your clean set of clothes wet so you might want to pack extras just in case. You also never know where your pool party could take you so having an option to change out into something nice will be useful.

14. Swimsuit

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This might be needless to say but you really don’t want to ruin the party by forgetting your swimsuit. In fact, it should be the first thing that goes into your bag. You can even go a step further and pack more than one set if you wish because why not.

15. Pool bag

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Last but not least, you will need to pack all these essentials into a pool bag. Plastic tote bags are always the go-to because they are lightweight and spacious so you can dump everything you need into it. With plastic tote bags, you also won’t have to worry about getting them wet.

Don’t have some of the items on this list? It’s not too late. There is still some time to get all your pool party essentials ready for the summer. So take this list and make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

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